Because bag hip skirt is long dress

Because bag hip skirt is long dress a long no administrative levels feels very no use so a black coat color can preferably have qualitative feeling (has) short version of the type of locomotive coat if coat is dark to take a light-colored sweater chain style simple and high boots, I prefer to look if not accustomed to have spirit can also short point according to my habit.

Should divide age group, still want to see is what kind of dress. If you are a young girl, it can be flat leather shoes, or elegant high heels, depending on the color of your dress or white or black or other colors. In general, they should not be casual shoes. Specific also depends on individual preference. Temperament and so on, these can reflect a person’s accomplishment very much

I have a sleeveless winter dress, but when I put it on, I want to wear a silk stocking

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