Waist design and waist-hip less close to the design

Waist design and waist-hip less close to the design, there is A small waist extending outward from the hips start cutting A word wide version of the jeans, is also good for this kind of problem of women try to figure, so will too plump hips modified cover many. Jeans itself from the hips and thighs suture the outside of the car is very important also, general hip larger women in the thigh area will be more meat, so it is a block sutures are relatively more body if is to select the outside of the car in front of sewing design, can let a person have a hip thigh appear fine many visual perception, which is ordered to modify proportions of tips. Short coats should be avoided and long bottoms should not be worn, both of which can reveal shortcomings. It is recommended to wear to a length that is not more than a little above the hips. Dress design should be concise, do not suit a lot of adornment or the collocation of layer after layer. The top shouldn’t be too long, just over the waist. Coat, coat also had better choose short style. Some girls’ waistline is very small but hip circumference is bigger

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